Closet Keeper: An Interview with Muse Owner Heather Anderson


For the last three years, Heather Anderson has been creating the perfect closet each and every day one piece at a time. Her boutique in Oak Park, Muse, is extremely successful. The selection is unique and each item is painstakingly selected to balance the store’s variety. Fearful of buyer’s remorse? There’s no need to decide between that dress or your mortgage payment here! Muse was created as an upscale yet affordable fashion haven for women of all ages.  Last week, Heather was kind enough to allow me the opportunity to play in the closet, dress a few mannequins, and ask her some questions about dreams and clothes.

Kari – Heather, to what do you contribute your success in retail?

Heather – Managing at other boutiques allowed me to get a feel for what shoppers are looking for. With Muse in mind I looked for an area that could handle a contemporary boutique. Regarding pricing, I wanted Muse to offer different price points throughout the store. We want to pair things that are more affordable with items that are very high in quality and maybe more expensive.



Kari – How would you describe your average customer?

Heather – I love Oak Park because the community is so eclectic. We sell miniskirts and edgy pieces but I even have a 92-year-old lady that shops with us! Everyone can find something that is age and lifestyle appropriate at Muse.

Kari – And you do all the shopping yourself?

Heather – I do! I shop for all the items in the store. Oh, and If anyone is interested in getting started in this business I’m always happy to help. It takes a lot of work and commitment but if you’re willing to put in the work and you really love fashion it’s worth it!

Kari – In the rear of Muse is a separate and complete cosmetics boutique. Can you tell us more about 1148 Cosmetics?

1148 Cosmetics Co.
1148 Cosmetics Co.


Heather – I LOVE IT! 1148 is a wonderful compliment to us. Makeup artist Jennifer Haagenson makes her own cosmetics. You may come to Muse looking to find a dress for an interview or a night out and leave with your makeup done by Jennifer in 1148.

Kari – We love the idea of a full service makeup salon inside of a fashionable clothing boutique.

Heather – Jennifer creates her cosmetics in the same location as Smashbox and other popular brands. She’s amazing!

Muse and 1148 Cosmetics are now hosting private parties! Bring a minimum of three friends, reserve a Thursday evening between 7pm and 9pm, and enjoy a closed-door shopping experience. Receive 15% off of all Muse purchases and free gifts from 1148. Refreshments included. Call 708-948-7052 or 708-434-5630 to RSVP.

All photos courtesy of Muse and 1148. Featured Image: Kari Herrera
Muse, 106 N Marion Street, Oak Park IL 60301