Kari’s Life: Recreating Memories with a Big Girl Slumber Party

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Coffee-mate Caramel Macchiato

Coffee-mate“Memories may be impossible to relive, but Coffee-mate has invited me to choose one to  re-create and I couldn’t be more excited! I knew right away which it would be.” – from Recreating Memories with Coffee-Mate

Growing up for me meant following my goals and those aims eventually  led me away from my hometown and from many dear friends. As related in the first article of this series, there are parts of my daily routine that pleasantly remind me of those friends and the people I love. My daily cup of coffee is a reminder of Saturday morning breakfast and study sessions in cafes after school. One particular memory, though, is sparked by Coffee-mate’s Caramel Macchiato, an Italian inspired mix of warm caramel and smooth latte flavors.

After high school, I had the chance to tour Italy with two of my closest friends. During our stop in Florence we shopped San Lorenzo market, took in Il Duomo, and looked into David’s eyes. Our nights ended early in the morning on dance floors. Mugs and mugs of coffee and caramel macchiato were the only thing keeping us going.

While time and life has sometimes separated us physically, we still remain close today. Coffee-mate’s invitation to  re-create this memory brought us all to Chicago for a slumber party just like the ones we used to have with laughs and sweet warm coffee in the morning.

What to do in Milwaukee this WeekendRecreate your Favorite Memory

Inspired? Here are a few ideas for re-creating your favorite memory:

  • Pick something simple. Slumber parties with friends and cookie baking with mom are special memories that can usually be re-created
  • Take plenty of photos and compare them together to photos you have from the original event years ago.
  • Make the moment even sweeter. For me, this meant waking up to Coffee-mate’s Caramel Macchiato. For you, it may mean something different. However you do it, make sure to relish in the specialness of this moment, it won’t last forever.

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