{QUIZ} Are you Living in the Right Chicago Neighborhood?

Chicago Neighborhood

Are you Living in the Right Chicago Neighborhood?

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” – Maya Angelou

Can You Handle River North Living? I Can’t.

A girl rolls out of her cab into a wave of oncoming traffic. Screaming gobbledygook, her friend follows closely behind. Both then cling to the street, seemingly for balance, and proceed to vomit their dignity and a month’s worth of liquor into each other’s hair and onto the pavement in front of a growing line of apathetic drivers, including myself.

That was the last time I found myself in River North past 1 a.m.

Regularly observing failure on a scale so epic would drive me insane. I’m not yet thirty, but I understand my place as the diurnal among a demographic of 20 something nocturnal night owls. For me, living in the ‘burbs provides the perfect balance between city life accessibility and familial neighborhood peace. Twenty minutes from downtown, I’m spared the sounds of extended happy hours, my car is parked at a price I can afford; I play away and I come home to relative silence. It suits me.

Chicago Neighborhood
How far are you willing to go, in the cold, for that morning coffee? (Image: Down with stock photos)

What’s the Best Chicago Neighborhood for You?

Chicago is a jigsaw puzzle made up of neighborhood pieces. Some parts clearly fit and others seem out of place but they’re all necessary to form the whole. Of course, everyone believes their neighborhood is the best and in a way everyone is right. Where you live should be the best neighborhood in the city – for you.

Considering a move to Chicago? Currently living in Chicago? Take this quiz to find which Chicago neighborhood best suits your personality? Your values, hobbies, and even your family configuration all play a part in where you should live.

Our happiness is undeniably affected by where we take shelter at the end of a day and whether or not our surroundings are conducive to our regular routine. Of course, if you’re concerned only with statistical fluff like crime rates, property value, and access to education, there’s an infographic for you. Have at it. (Seriously, it’s pretty great.) On the other hand, if your calendar is colored in happy hours and brunches, you’ve found your ultimate “where to live” guide here.

We’ve focused on the things that effect your daily life: morning commutes, coffee runs, shopping options, date nights, and restaurant dining.

Take the 8 question quiz below to find the Chicago neighborhood that best suits you. If you find this quiz to be worth the 30 seconds of your life it took, please forward it to your friends and enemies via FBK and Twitter by clicking HERE!

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