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{Exclusive Interview} Morgan Marie Beauty Teaches us How to Achieve the Perfect Red Lip Every Time!

{Exclusive Interview} Morgan Marie Beauty Teaches us How to Achieve the Perfect Red Lip Every Time!

Morgan Marie Beauty
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Is there anything more alluring on a woman than the color red? Especially is this true of a red lip. The color suggests fertility and youth, which translates in our subconscious as “Va-va-va-voom!”

Unfortunately, pulling off the red lip is not the easiest task in the world. There are only a ka-gillion shades of red in the universe, not to mention the endless options between matte and full out glossy!

I talked to Morgan –  of Chicago’s luxury beauty brand Morgan Marie Beauty – about her top makeup tricks and how to get the shade red right every time.

What is your secret to the perfect red lip?

The best way to achieve a perfect red lip is with a lip brush! You’ll be able to apply your favorite lip color with precision and the lip brush will also increase longevity. The real secret to a perfect red lip though, is being confident in wearing it!

I’ve woken up late for work and only have 10 minutes to be ready and out the door! How can I fix my makeup on the quick?

We always recommend perfecting your skin with a foundation or tinted moisturizer, applying a touch of cheek color, mascara, and a bright lip! This is a really quick and easy makeup look that is very popular at the moment. You also are highlighting 3 key components of your face with this look: your skin, eyes, and lips!

What’s the one mistake most women make when it comes to cosmetics?

Picking the wrong foundation color! The best way to find the correct foundation color is to find 3 colors that you think look like a good match for your skin tone. Test a “swatch” of the 3 colors along your jawline and whichever color seems to “melt” into your skin is the best color for you!

 How is Morgan Marie Beauty different from other brands of cosmetics?

Our mission, in starting Morgan Marie Beauty, was to offer our clients a way to inspire creativity and confidence through the use of luxury cosmetics. Our products are all very pigmented, long lasting, and high quality. We wanted to offer a wide variety of colors and tones to flatter all skin tones and all of our lip products contain Vitamin E for added hydration.

Is there a color of lipstick that looks great on every woman?

Coco Chanel once said that “the best color in the whole world is the one that looks best on you”! We love that quote because there truly are so many color option for every skin tone. It is all about finding the right tones to complement your complexion and making sure that you always feel comfortable and confident!

Where can we find Morgan Marie Beauty?

Our products are available on as well as in both of Leah Chavie’s Skincare Boutiques.

Find Morgan Marie Beauty online at
Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique (Lincoln Park)
2457 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 327-7051

  Featured Image: Creative Commons (Flickr)

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