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{Chic Eats} Sepia is Chicago’s Favorite Filter

{Chic Eats} Sepia is Chicago’s Favorite Filter

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Chicago Restaurant Week ends this Thursday and so does all opportunity to score a $22 lunch from a Michelin Star rated menu.

I grabbed my girl and hit up Sepia (West Loop) last week, a first visit for both of us. Named after your favorite photo filter, Sepia’s a bit of a museum within an eatery. Film relics from years gone by are tastefully scattered throughout the old print shop turned top dining establishment. I had the Kale Salad, Cod, and Chocolate Marshmallow Cake. My friend, the contrarian, had the Carrot Bisque, Rigatoni, and Lemon Tart.

We both left feeling like we paid way too little for such an excellently presented and prepared meal. Probably, because we did. We basically robbed the place.


123 N. Jefferson St, Chicago, IL 60661, (312) 441-1920

Sepia Chicago

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Sepia Chicago

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