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{What to Wear in Chicago} The Color of the Year no one Remembered to Forget

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What to Wear in Chicago this Week

Chicagoings once published an article summing up Pantone’s color of the year, how it’s chosen, and why we all should care. The gist is that everyone is being bamboozled into color craving by a team of international marketing experts. The chosen hue gradually bleeds into every aspect of our lives from our clothes, to home appliances, to even the auto industry. In hindsight, this can be a bad thing (remember the pinks of 2011?) or an overkill of effort and time (2006 was basically grey). This year, it’s a great thing – at least in my opinion.

That’s because Pantone’s color of 2015 is marsala. Which is oxblood. Which is burgundy. (The trick is to never call colors by their actual names.) And everyone looks great in burgundy!

As of now, my collection of burgundy pieces totals 1.

Marsala X Blush aka Burgundy X Pink

What to wear in chicago

What to wear in chicago

What to wear in chicago

Burgundy Marsala

Burgundy Marsala

Burgundy Marsala

Burgundy Marsala

Kari Herrera is the creator of Chicagoings.com, Chicago’s indie city guide and blog. She often writes about the city’s points-of-interest as experienced by a local. She is a Social Media Marketing Manager and freelance writer. When she’s not working, Kari donates much of her time to the education of French-speaking immigrants in Chicago.


  1. Hurricane Kellie (@HurricaneNHeels)

    February 17, 2015 at 6:53 pm

    Visions from my hometown do not make me envy you 🙂 I grew up in Chicago & let me tell you just how much I am enjoying my Florida winters. I agree with you, pretty much everyone looks great in burgundy….oxblood..marsala…whatever it will be called next. Ok, I have to go because I’m getting cold just looking at you hee hee

    • Kari Herrera

      February 17, 2015 at 6:55 pm

      Lolol! I am so jealous right now Kellie! Thanks for being a reader. Love your handle.

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