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Weekend Highlights: Dose Market

Weekend Highlights: Dose Market

Dose Market

Weekends are exhausting. Usually, by Sunday night I’m pooped and ill prepared for Monday morning. This weekend, though, was different. Sparing you every single detail of these last few days, let’s discuss the adult playground that is Dose Market and all the fun had yesterday afternoon shopping, eating, and drinking life up.

Love food? Love fashion? Then you’ll love Dose Market, a monthly pop-up shopping event chocked full of gourmet food, one-of-a-kind clothing from local designers, great music, and top notch drank. I can’t possibly break down every individual reason why this thing is so awesome. So, instead, here’s a short list featuring my top 4 favorite ‘Dosers’ and what I love about each one:

Femme Du Coupe

What it is: Take your favorite dress and a pair of Jimmy Choos, blend them into a puree, add one part gin, two parts peach liquor, and a dash of honey. You’ve now got Femme Du Coupe, the Chicago based cocktail company with a fashion oriented libation philosophy. Founder, and former stylist, Ravae Schneider says it best, “Every girl knows when you have your favorite dress on and that sexy pair of heels that you’re happier, more confident, and maybe a little bit bolder than you would be on an everyday basis. Your favorite cocktail should evoke those same emotions and that same gut feeling…”

What I love: First off, Ravae is adorable! Seeing her mix a drink sporting the perfect chignon and wearing a fabulously femme frock makes me feel more chic for drinking Femme Du Coupe’s concoctions. Don’t get it twisted, they’re not all fluff! Try their homemade syrup, ‘Le Sirop’, at your next cocktail party. Ginger Péche is my personal fav. Buy the syrup and get free recipes at


What it is: Two amazing couples with one driving mission – bring progressive Asian cuisine to Chicago. By using a wider range of spices, techniques, and artistic presentation Embeya goes beyond expectation with plates that are gorgeous to the eyes and delicious to the last bite.

What I love: The Tamarind Ribs are some of the best I’ve ever had in my life! At only $14 a plate, expect to be blown away. Even the accompanying rice is amazing.


Love Bomb Nail Lacquer

What it is: A locally based, independent, nail polish company producing colors as vivid as life and love.

What I love: I’m a nail art addict with an undying devotion to indie businesses. Love Bomb Nail Lacquer can do no wrong in my book.

Trés Awesome                                                                                                                                                      

What it is: A better question may be, ‘what isn’t it?!’ From a street style blog dedicated to etching Chicago’s name into the fashion world, Trés Awesome is now branching out into event entertainment with Trés Awesome Events, offering wedding photography, photo booths, videography, and even DJ services this wedding season.

What I love: The couple behind the name is extremely approachable and fun to be around. I’ve been a fan of the blog,, for years but the photo booth they hosted during Dose Market definitely inked them onto my list of go-to photographers.


FYI: Dose Market is an event for guys and gals alike. Dragged my bestie/hubby along and now he can’t wait for the next one! Missed Dose Market last Sunday? No worries. The next event’s May 12, same location. However, if you were there yesterday I’d love to see your pics! Email me at

For more photos find me on Instagram (Chicagoings).

Dose Market, 10am-4pm, River East Art Center 435 E. Illinois Street, Chicago IL


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