So, being the brilliant Bob/Betty you are, you’ve chosen to spend your off day in one of the world’s most amazing cities.

Of course, some of you are here against your will. Perhaps, your travel plans fell apart or you’re obligated to some over zealous commitment made months ago. Still, you’re here and you’re going to have a blast! Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Meet Lola. Lola is my very first digital sketch (can’t you tell? Don’t answer that.) and, like you, she’s a smart cookie. Lola’s going to show us how to have fun in 25 different ways today, in no particular order.

25 Brilliant Things to do this Memorial Day

  1. Visit the Skydeck at Willis Tower and take a photo of your feet for the ‘gram.
  2. Grab lunch at Oak Street Beach. All of Chicago’s beaches officially opened last Friday!
  3. What to do in Chicago on Memorial DayWrap yourself in a cocoon of butterflies
  4. … or giant Japanese salamanders
  5. … or vultures.
  6. See how fashion was born on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.
  7. Spend a night in your own private chamber.
  8. What to do in Chicago on Memorial DayCatch a game at The Friendly Confines for $13.
  9. Take a boat tour
  10. … or a bus tour.
  11. Three words: Memorial Day Sale!
  12. Chill out at the rooftop pool with a cocktail after hitting the gym.
  13. What to do in Chicago on Memorial DayOr skip the gym and sip drinks on the roof anyway.
  14. Understand why real men wear suits…and fedoras, and top hats.
  15. Visit 18th century Ireland.
  16. Taste the burger that Bon Appetit called the best in America.
  17. Follow Chicagoings on Instagram! DO IT NOW!!! (Shameless plug!)

  18. Make an appointment to score a museum worthy print by a living legend for only $20!
  19. Rent a Divvy.
  20. Hit up the new tiki hut for pulled pork sandwiches and drinks on Chicago’s Riverwalk before boarding a booze cruise.
  21. Grab a real cone and head to a pothole to see a fake one for “Treats in the Streets” by mosaic artist Jim Bachor.
  22. Chicagoings on SnapchatFollow Chicagoings on Snapchat by taking a photo of the picture above with your Snapchat camera! DO IT NOW!!! (Yet another shameless plug!)
  23. Visit a South African favorite that just opened in Chicago and taste chicken like you’ve never had it!
  24. Fly.
  25. Grab a special Memorial Day brunch at one of my favorites from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Anything I missed? Comment below!