Happy Hour of the Week: Baptiste & Bottle in the Conrad Hotel

Baptiste & Bottle Happy Hour
(Photo: @into.the.mountains via IG

James Lintelman, executive chef of the restaurants and room service inside the Conrad Hotel, loves taking chances. And salt. He also loves salt. “Don’t be afraid of salt. Salt makes things taste good,” he responds when I ask how to properly cook a steak. “Before and after [cooking]. . . Invest in finishing salt, sea salt or Maldon Salt. It’s not saltier than table salt; it’s just very clean and has a great texture.” His penchant for particulars has earned him both award and acclaim. Recently, his mac & cheese won the coveted Golden Noodle Award at Chicago’s Mac & Cheese Fest (yes, that’s a thing.)

At Baptiste & Bottle, the hotel’s proudest restaurant, Lintelman’s creativity spills from the plates to the glasses. Bourbon is the focus but all spirits are welcome.

Kari’s Recommendation

Baptiste & Bottle’s dining room is surrounded by natural light. It’s like a rooftop but warm.

Try the Ravenswood Mule, which incorporates local distillery KOVAL’s bourbon and spiced pear. Enjoy it with a side of mac and a spectacular view. Feeling feisty? Order a Bourbon flight, I recommend the local collection which alternates between FEW bourbons and KOVAL.

Baptiste & Bottle

101 E Erie St., 20th floor, Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 667-6793