College kids and workaholics rejoice! Pizza isn’t the only option anymore. Nowadays, food delivery services are fast, nutrition conscious, and increasingly affordable. With just one quick call you can have a restaurant quality meal brought right to your door. Here are 7 of the best food delivery services around.

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The Best Food Delivery in Chicago

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is perfect for the working foodie. Have you ever had the time to cook but not the time to shop and wait in line at the grocery store? Are you ever stumped when trying to choose a delicious, unexpected recipe for yourself or your family’s dinner? Blue Apron delivers a ready-to-cook kit, including fresh ingredients, and easy instructions right to your door.

snap kitchen

Snap Kitchen is perfect for the calorie counter. Full disclosure: Snap Kitchen will deliver to your car – if you call ahead and drive to their store! They have yet to implement a home delivery program. Still, they offer mouthwatering meals, conveniently packaged and ready to eat, in their calorie based programs. Simply choose your max calorie intake and they’ll do the rest.

InstaCartInsta Cart is perfect for the picky eater. Sometimes you want what you want, and not what’s been chosen for you. For those who like shopping their local grocery stores but are short on time, Insta Cart will do the work for you. If something you want is out of stock or of low quality (black bananas?) they’ll give you a call and offer alternatives.


Kitchfix is perfect for those on Paleo diets and the gluten intolerant. What began as the brainchild of personal chef Josh Katt is now a gourmet quality food service that specializes in adhering to dietary restrictions without sacrificing flavor. Their delivery map is large. Plus, they’re currently available through Fox Trot.

Image: Poag Mahones

UberEATS is perfect for the micromanager whose favorite restaurant doesn’t have its own delivery service. Much like when ordering a ride through Uber, UberEats gives you the name and location of your driver – so that you can track him on your phone until he’s waiting at your curb. By the way, don’t expect this driver to get out and bring your eats to your door. Curb side service only!

To read this story in its entirety, view it on MODE.