{What to Wear in Chicago} Mixing Prints for the Incongruously Challenged


Mixing PrintsYou would be hard-pressed to find a decade more bi-polar than the 90s. In ten years’ time, both Kenny G and Nirvana hit their respective apex. Seattle was the seat of cool and grunge’s tartan punk aesthetic permeated high schools everywhere. Conversely, fly girls spared no expense to ensure their entire outfit, from the Scrunchie to the stockings, matched perfectly.

Mixed Prints

It’s the latter we’re still deriding.

When did we decide to stop it with all the matching? Perhaps, those 90s kids grew up and got demanding office jobs. Mixed prints are a covert protest of the business professional dress code, an opportunity to safely embrace topsy-turvydom under the guise of naïve carefreeness – or, alternatively, color blindness.

If this is true than I am fervently joining the movement. The revolution will be uncoordinated!

In an effort to recruit more mismatchers, here are 5 ways to pull off the motley print trend.

5 Ways to Wear Mixed Prints

Ways to Wear Mixed Prints


Demure colors and understated patterns keep this look from becoming too playful for the job. Plus, the blazer is a business outfit bestie. Throw one on top to up the professional factor.


Ways to Wear Mixed Prints

Date Night

This outfit, too, could work for the office but the romantic skirt makes it perfect for a night out with the beau. Olivia’s the queen of mixed prints and here she effortlessly pulls off three patterns simultaneously. It works because neither is dominating the others, a harmonious blend from head to toe.


Ways to Wear Mixed Prints

An Informal Wedding

Women’s slacks may summon thoughts of muckraking politicians, but this flirty floral print is all fun and femme. Rethink your neutrals with leopard or snakeskin print shoes.


Ways to Wear Mixed Prints

Running Errands

Weekends leave much room for experimentation. Stripes, graphics, and snakeskin? Why not?!


How I Wear Mixed Prints

I fell in love with Demestiks New York after reading ChiTown Fashionista’s glowing review of the independent label. Designer Reuben Reuel combines his love of African prints and tailored details in the celebrity favorite, but still affordable, clothing line. This striped wrap cardigan is currently on heavy rotation in my closet. It’s sold out, but find others like it here.

The leggings in the second look I scored from Chicago’s Kiwi’s Boutique.

Ways to Wear Mixed Prints Ways to Wear Mixed Prints Ways to Wear Mixed Prints

Mixing Prints Mixing Prints