My Fit Foods

Sisters (and brothers) are doing it for themselves. Unless, you mean grocery shopping. In that case, we’re all are having organic, farm-fresh produce and meats delivered to our front door with just a swipe of a finger on an app on our phone. Crazy times we live in. Of course, the caveat here is that we still must choose what it is we actually eat. I don’t know about you but a bad day could easily turn my asparagus and chicken breast order into red wine, pizza, and chocolate. Fortunately, fool-proof grocery shopping alternatives are popping up throughout Chicago.

My Fit Foods

For this week’s Monday Motivation, I’m trying another gourmet food delivery service. It’s called My Fit Foods, and they’re a little different. You don’t have to drive to their door, they’ll drive to yours. If you live in Chicago, food delivery is available to your office or home through Amazon Prime.

The rest is pretty standard: Each store is equipped with an onsite nutrition coach who personally crafts meal plans based on each customer’s preferences and dietary concerns. A 21-day challenge is also available, because any healthy habit can be learned in 21 days, or so everyone keeps telling me.

My Experience

I only tried the service for two days, and I allowed the store to choose what I ate without any prompting. (My favorite meal? Baja Fish Tacos.) Overall, I was happy with the meals which were flavorful and fresh. After a weekend of restaurant reviews and food festivals, it was a great no-brainer way to get back on track.

The service costs on average $33- $40 per day. During the week, I usually cook big meals at home which, factoring in leftovers, cost me $5 – $10 a day. Long-term use of My Fit Foods would definitely require I adjust my grocery budget. Still, I think it’s worth it every once in a while for the freedom of not having to shop, prepare, and store a healthy menu.

Verdict: If you’ve got more money than you’ve got time, consider trying this handy helper.

My Fit Foods is based out of Houston, Texas.

Big thanks to My Fit Foods for allowing me to try their service for the sake of this article.