Do you Wear Other People’s Clothes? How to Strike Gold with Consignment Stores

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Consignment Stores in Chicago

Consignment Stores in Chicago

Consignment Stores in Chicago

There used to be a weekly segment on this site called Thrifty Thursdays. It lasted, oh, maybe all of three weeks. That’s because I find the discipline necessary to become a proper fashion blogger goes against my natural disposition. I still thrift, however. Regularly. In fact, the only way to thrift successfully is to do so routinely. One can’t need a black skirt, for example, and expect to find a black skirt on their first hunt. Walking into a thrift store is like walking into a Tyler Perry movie. One must enter with an open mind, willing to accept whatever’s presented; good, bad or ugly. If it becomes unbearable, remember that you can always walk out.

How to Strike Gold with Consignment Stores

The following is a variation of a few guidelines posted a past Thrifty Thursday:

  • Shop regularly.
  • Consignment stores and resale shops are not made from the same cloth. More than resale shops, consignment stores tend to be stocked with high quality, in-fashion clothing. This is because the original owner is hoping to earn a profit by selling the garment through the store. The Givenchy gown that sadly no longer fits? Consignment store. The Ann Taylor Loft skirt that you’re sick of looking at? Resale shop. For the record, I peruse the racks at both.
  • All items should be cleaned professionally prior to sale. This should be standard policy at any store.
  • A decent return policy is a must, even if it only covers the first 24 hours from purchase.

Consignment Stores in Chicago

Consignment Stores in Chicago

Stripes and florals

A few of my Favorite Chicago Resale and Consignment Stores

Trends, 810 N. Boulevard, Oak Park

Leahey & Ladue, 3753 N. Southport Ave, Chicago

Crossroads Trading Co., 2711 N. Clark Street, Chicago

Second Time Around 823 W. Armitage, Chicago

Stripes and florals

I love this floral dress not just because it has pockets, which are always a bonus. The shape is classic. The pleats are each printed with their own individual floral design. It’s a dress you won’t find at a department store. The heavy cotton and romantic details are clear signs of a consignment find.

Similar finds here: Helen Floral Midi Dress • $98.99
Catherine Catherine Malandrino Fawn Floral-Print Quilted Sleeveless Dress, Blanc Garden • Catherine Malandrino • $71.40
Down the Garden Path Ivory Floral Print Dress • $74
Anais Floral Box Pleat Skater Dress • Boohoo • $35
Vintage Florals Chiffon Pleated Dress • $23.67
ASOS COLLECTION ASOS Pretty Floral Pleated Plunge Dress • Asos • $63
Esley Collection Floral Pleated Dress • $87
Lauren by Ralph Lauren V-Neck Floral-Print Dress • Ralph Lauren • $103.99

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