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We’ve Got Big Things Poppin’ Next Week, Chicago!

A big thanks to you loyal readers and subscribers! Due to your support, is expanding and upgrading our content with two new rocking contributors beginning next Monday.

Our new contributors, Man About Town and The Outfitter:

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What Does Your Closet say About You? We’re starting the week off with a new episode of our acclaimed web series Behind the Design. In this episode, we go into the studio of Daniel Bernardo, creator of Glass House Shirt Makers. Daniel gives us the run down on what a good shirt is made of, why owning one isn’t a luxury but a necessity, and why a quality Oxford should never cost more than you can pay. Our host for this episode is Patrick Lino, one of our amazing new contributors. Patrick’s a menswear expert and the creator behind popular Instablog, The Outfitter. Steal tips from these stylish, and hilarious, gentlemen Monday morning on Behind the Design.

Thank Before You Drank. Sometime during the last few years, Chicago got really serious about drinking. Prohibition themed lounges, custom ice cubes, and about a million variations on bitters are now solid markers of what’s hot and what’s now. With so many to choose from, how do you know which bars are making it and which are really faking it? Enter Terence Mosley, our Man About Town. Terence has been voyaging across the Chicago nightlife scene like a pioneer through back country, drinking Manhattans (his go-to libation), and rating establishments. Next week, Terence takes us into a local fashion house’s pop-up shop and celebratory event. He’ll be rating each stop on a scale from 1-5.

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Feeling Ugly? There’s an App for That. This weekend, give your mom an extra hug. She had it hard at your age. With the rotary phone being the pinnacle of technology, she actually had to plan ahead for her salon appointments. How dreadful. Not us. We’ve got an app for everything and that includes our infrequent urges to get dolled up. Next week, we’re sharing with you a new app that caters to guys and gals in Chicago who are looking for a top rated salon on the quicks. The app covers everything from hair appointments, wax sessions, professional shaves, nail artists, and spa massages.

Much, much more. And of course we’re throwing in a giveaway next month. Stay tuned!