Couples Massages for All! Bae Not Required.

spa at theWit
Spa Specials for March 2016

If you’re planning to marry someone this year for the sole purpose of cashing in on a couples massage, I understand. Not a great plan. You will most certainly regret it. But I understand.

Within spa culture there is a couples-only subculture, and being a member of the latter comes with perks. There are tacit rules to this thing that are only recognizable once you’re “in”. I felt like King Jaffe the first time I visited a spa with my husband; there were rose petals placed at my feet and silver trays waiting with bottomless flutes of complementary champagne. Couples are fawned over.

I’m sure that, for the spa, there’s a practical reason for the extra attention. Two clients in one time slot means more money at the end of the day. Also, couples have an odd habit of ritualizing mundane activities. “Honey, remember that spa where we got those great massages and then afterward went for ice cream, but you weren’t hungry so we got one cone to share and then you accidentally sneezed on it? We should go to that spa again.” Because if you were happy then, doing that thing repeatedly will ensure you stay happy. Or so it goes in the backwards world of married folk.

Anyway, I want to share a little secret: Anyone can get in on this dupe. If you’re single, dating, married, whatever —you too can enter the couples only spa super club. Just follow these 6 tip:

DO ask for extras. Want a glass of champagne? Ask for it. Don’t be shy.

DO arrive a little early. I recommend 30 minutes before your service begins so that you may sip said champagne in peace, hopefully in a dim, quite room.

DO know about any available add-ons. Things like aromatherapy and rose petal extract may be complimentary, but you won’t know until you ask. If it does come with a fee, look for a service on the menu that includes these extras.

DON’T expect anything more than what you’re paying for.

DO tip well and let the manager know if your experience was exceptional. Let 20% be your base. If you’re using a coupon or getting a bargain, tip as if you were paying full price.

DO ask for the couples massage, even if you’re solo. Bonuses tend to be built into these services.

Case in point, I visited the Spa at theWit a few weeks ago during normal office hours. No friends, family, or bae was available to go with me. Still, I requested their special for the month, All You Need is Love.

All You Need is Love: You and your special someone can indulge and relax in a candlelight room for two while receiving a soothing massage that uses a combination of Swedish Massage, heated stones, and aromatherapy that will clear your mind, calm you nerves, and relieve stiff and weary muscles.


(two glasses of champagne will be offered for you and your loved one!)

Candlelight? Aromatherapy? Champagne? Am I to deprive myself of such luxuries just because there is only one of me? Certainly not. And neither should you. This massage reached all the way through to my bones and ironed out knots I’ve been wrestling with for months. I left feeling like someone had traded in the old me for an upgrade.

A new specials menu has been unveiled for March, and it looks pretty amazing, albeit absent of any couples massages. The Recover Stone Massage is tempting though.

Recover Stone Massage:

“Is PERFECT for you if you have: stress/pain on spine, extreme physical stress, work long hours, or enjoy strenuous exercise.”

Yup. That’s me.

An entire floor of theWit is made to feel cut off from the world. Here the spa hosts a fitness room, lobby, small locker room which holds two showers and amenities, a quiet room, and spacious rooms for services. It is the best way to spend your lunch hour. If’your day job allows for extended lunches, I recommend getting a couples massage, just for you, and returning to a salad at your desk. You won’t be disappointed.

Spa at theWit

Address: 201 N State St, Chicago, IL 60601
Phone:(312) 239-9402

Hours of Service:
Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm
Sunday 9am-6pm

A big thanks to The Spa at theWit for arranging my spa service. All opinions expressed here are those of Kari Herrera and are not indicative of those held by The Spa at theWit, theWit Hotel, or any other entity.