Because that Vest is (not) Disgusting!

how to wear a vest

how to wear a vest

Vest | Similar here and here

Turtleneck | Ralph Lauren

Jeans | Mossimo (Target)

Shoes | Sam Edelman Kenny Boots

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(Alt title #1) What to Wear in Chicago: Vests. Duh.

(Alt title #2) How to Wear a Vest

(Alt title #3) How to Wear a Vest in the Fall Without looking like a Hipster Jerk that just crawled his way out of an Indie Film Festival Hosted by The Smiths.

I had every intention of sitting down and writing a cerebral think piece on the importance of vests. My outline began with a relatable statement regarding how pants are the enemy (this, by the way, is an indisputable fact) and how sleeves are basically pants for the arms. It concluded with a call that we free those babies from their woolly prisons with vests, vests, and more vests!

Aren’t you glad I tossed that idea?

We don’t need to hear about how vests are all we need to get by. This is Chicago. We need sleeves. And thermals. And sweaters. And hats. And Scarves. And socks. And boots.

There’s no need to freeze for fashion.

how to wear a vest

What vests lack in warmth, however, they more than make up for in versatility and style. The right sleeveless number can take a look from Joseph Gordon Levitt to (insert the name of your favorite celebrity here, unless that celebrity is Joseph Gordon Levitt. In that case, default to Beyoncé). Change up the top underneath, and – boom – it’s like you’re wearing a completely new vest.

I particularly am fond of the lumberjack look, as seen here. No matter your style, or budget, there’s a vest out there waiting for you. Free those arms from their woolly prisons, already!

how to wear a vest

Chicagoings Plaid Vest (2 of 2)
“Look! A vest!!” – Me