Lookbook: Anna Hovet’s Casually Chic Spring 2014 Collection

Hovet Spring 2014

Unofficially, the month of May kicks off road trip season. Deciding what to wear while locked in a car for ten hours is a pretty important decision. Choose the wrong fabric or fit and what was supposed to be an enjoyable experience becomes slow simmered torture.

Anna Hovet, one of my personal favorite local designers (I’m actually wearing an item from her last collection as I type this), always fashions the perfect mix of chic and comfort. Her just released Spring 2014 collection is no exception. Get into her unique take on casual staples. I’m in love with the Reversible Irina Dress! Classic. Femme. Cute. Comfy.

Anna Hovet Hovet Spring 2014 Hovet Spring 2014 Hovet Spring 2014 Anna Hovet

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