Warning: This post is all about how to get free drinks after work in Chicago and what to wear in order to feel like you’ve never left your bed. Enjoy.

Monday mornings are for getting stuff done. Just kidding. They’re for crying and crawling your way out of bed and jumping head first into a big bowl of coffee. By the way, Happy Monday!

This kimono makes me feel like I’m still wrapped up in my sheets.

where to go for happy hour in Chicago

where to go for happy hour in chicago

where to go for happy hour in chicago

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Kimono | Similar here. Even better version here.

Jeans | Target

Shoes | Similar here.

My favorite bag at the moment | Elliott Lucca

Each week, reality sneaks in and shocks me more than the currently trending hashtag #KanyeWest2020 (Kanye’s running for president, of course, to fulfill his dream of creating a zombie nation. The uniforms been ready.)  Speaking of which, did you watch the VMAs last night? Yea. Me neither. From what I gather, it looked something like this.

Moving on…

Where to go for Happy Hour in Chicago: Renaissance Hotel Downtown

Where to go for happy hour in Chicago: Renaissance

Where to go for happy hour in Chicago: Renaissance

Last week, I discovered the Staytion Bar at Renaissance Hotel downtown. (You may have heard of their concert series during Lollapalooza.) Located in the hotel’s lobby, this space houses a large cocktail lounge, gorgeous library, and chic train station themed bar (Staytion. Get it?). Monday – Thursday, beginning at 6 p.m., a mixologist comes from behind the bar, prepares a themed drink, and guests are served gratis. Once the free drinks are gone, I recommend their bites and signature craft cocktails. Food and drink events are hosted through the week. Check out the schedule here.